The Lenape or Delaware Indian Heritage: 10,000 BC to AD 2000

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The Lenape or Delaware Indian Heritage:  10,000 BC to AD 2000
By Herbert C. Kraft

This long-awaited volume is the follow-up to Dr. Kraft's first full-length study of the Indians of Lenapehoking (present-day New jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York State, and northern Delaware) from 10,000 BC to the present day, incorporating his earlier work along with a wealth of new information, photographs, maps, and illustrations.  Written in non-technical language intended for the general reader, this book corrects many myths and mistakes, and presents new evidence concerning the origins, prehistory and lifeways of the group commonly called Lenape or Delaware Indians.  The numerous illustrations help to visualize this 650-page text, and bibliography encompassing hundreds of references provides thorough documentation.

The Lenape-Delaware Indian Heritage: 10,000 BC to AD 2000 strives to make the reader aware of how we know about the people's history.  Using Dutch, Swedish, and English colonial documents, Moravian Missionary accounts, information provided by living descendants of the Lenape Indians, and new archaeological and ethnographical discoveries, Dr. Kraft reconstructs the ways that Paleo-Indians and later ancestors of the Lenape Indians adjusted to various environments as hunters, fishers, and gatherers, and how settlement patterns changed with the introduction of horticulture.  The author identifies and describes Indian artifacts and the specific roles of the sexes, the vision quest, arts and technology, house an settlement patterns, religious beliefs, herbalism and curing, and death and burial practices, as well as the adverse effects of European contact and settlement, the fur trade, the devastating effects of epidemic diseases and alcohol, and the final dispossession of the Indians from their traditional homeland.  The book concludes with the discussion of land treaties, westward migrations, information on the remnant populations of Lenape and other Indian groups living in Jew Jersey today.



Chapter Titles

  • The Land and Its People
  • The Search for Evidence
  • Paleo-Indian Pathfinders
  • Archaic Hunters, Fishers, and Gatherers
  • Early and Middle Woodland Periods
  • The Late Woodland Period, the Environment and Its People
  • The Late Woodland Period, Food Procurement and Processing
  • Economy and Technology
  • Spiritual Beliefs and Practices, Late Woodland and Early Historic Times
  • Early European Contacts with the Indians
  • European Colonization: Indian Concessions
  • Westward Migrations
  • Settled, Uprooted, Resettled Again, and Again
  • Final Settlements

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