The Indians of Lenapehoking

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The Indians of Lenapehoking
By Herbert C. Kraft and John T. Kraft
  Seventh-Eighth Grade Reading Level  

The Indians of Lenapehoking (Len-nah-pay-haw-king, meaning the "Land of the Lenape") contains reliable archaeological, historical, and ethnographical information about the Lenape or Delaware Indians, and dispels numerous inaccuracies found in older accounts.  This highly illustrated book, in its sixth printing, has been popular among upper-class students.  Designed under grants from the New Jersey Department of Education and New Jersey Historical Commission in consultation with teachers and librarians.



Topics Treated

  • The Indians of Lenapehoking

  • Creation Myths of the Lenape Indians

  • Paleo-Indians, the First Americans

  • Archaic Hunters, Fishers and Gatherers

  • From Soapstone Pots to Brass Kettles

  • The Early and Middle Woodland Periods

  • The Meadowood and Adena People

  • The Late Woodland Period

  • Gardening

  • Housing

  • Lenape Lifeways

  • Tools and Weapons

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Entertainment and Recreation

  • Clothing and Personal Adornment

  • Pottery making

  • Religious Beliefs

  • Curing

  • The Medicine Bundle

  • Life Cycle

  • Death and Burial

  • The Historic Period

  • The Lenape Indians Today

  • Glossary of Selected Terms


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