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Bowl Game Activity

The Lenape had a game similar to the "Bowl Game".  In prehistoric times, the bowl was of wood and the "chips" were made from bone, and painted with charcoal or natural plant dyes.


  • Styrofoam plate or meat tray
  • Large flat bowl or pie pan
  • 48 counting sticks (craft sticks or toothpicks)
  • magic markers
  • Assembling game
  • Cut six circles out of the Styrofoam.  Use a small lid as a grade so that they are all the same size.
  • Decorate one side of each of the circles with the markers.

Playing the game

  • Put the six Styrofoam circles in the bowl.
  • One player flips the circles up in the bowl, catches them back in the bowl, and adds up score.
  • The next player takes a turn.


  • If a circle lands design side up, it counts as one point.
  • If a circle lands blank side up, it counts as zero.
  • The player takes a counting stick for each point earned.
  • When the 48 counting sticks are gone, players count their sticks to see who has the most.

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