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Corn Husk Doll Activity

To make things for fun, the Lenape used what they had available.  Cornhusk dolls were made by boys and girls and never had a face, to deter children from being vain.


  • 5 large, long pieces of cornhusk
  • 1 rectangle shaped husk to roll into arms
  • String (or rubber bands)
  • Scissors


Important:  Cornhusks need to be WET in order to use them.  Soak in a bucket and have paper towels ready to catch drips.

Take 3 husks, wide part up.
Tie about 1/2" to 3/4" down and trim the top even.
Turn upside down and peel the husks downward.

Tie at neck using string or rubber band.

Make arms by taking a small piece of husk & roll up.  Tie at "wrists" with string or rubber bands.
Insert arms into body and tie in place.

Girl Doll
Take 2 more pieces of husk and fold over shoulders and tie in place around waist.  Cut bottom of "skirt" for girl doll or separate into legs and tie at ankles for boy doll (see below).

Boy Doll
Boy Doll - Legs were separated and tied at ankles.


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