The Lenape or Delaware Indians

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The Lenape or Delaware Indians
By Herbert C. Kraft

Now in its sixth printing, this authoritative, informative, and highly illustrated book has been endorsed by teachers and Native Americans as the best resource of its king.  Adopted for use in many classrooms throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York State, northern Delaware, and also in Delaware and Munsee Indian communities in Oklahoma and Canada, this book is now enhanced by updated maps and colorful cover.

The Lenape or Delaware Indians describes Lenape culture as it was when European explorers and colonists first discovered them.  Vocabulary and concepts are appropriate for a fourth-grade reading level.  The book was designed under a grant from the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Historical Commission, with the active participation of third and fourth grade teachers and elementary school librarians.



Topics Treated

  • The First Americans
  • Physical Appearance and Dress
  • The Lenape Family
  • The Indian Baby
  • Women's and Girls' Work
  • The Elders
  • Houses and Construction
  • Garden and Wild Plant Foods
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Religion and Guardian Spirits
  • European-Indian Contact
  • Lenape Words and Phrases
  • Selected Place Names and Their Meanings
  • The Lenape Indians
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Indian Names
  • Men's and Boys' Work
  • Government
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Tools and Weapons
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Medicine, Death, Burial
  • Ceremonial Clothing
  • Lenape Indian Story

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