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Lenapehoking Map

Lenapehoking - The Land of the Lenape
Approximate locations of Lenape Indian Bands

Map 1.  Lenapehoking, or "Land of the Lenape", showing the traditional homeland of the Munsee and Unami-speaking Indians.  The names of the individual Indian groups are those recorded by the seventeenth-century explorers and colonists.  Note the complete absence of names in the areas from the Raritan River to Cape May on the Atlantic coast, above Trenton on the Delaware River, and in the interior generally -- areas where there was little or no direct contact between the Indians and Europeans.  The Treaty of Easton Line (1758) shows the traditional and mutually acknowledged separation between the territories of the Munsee and Unami-speaking peoples.

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  (For additional information see The Lenape or Delaware Indians, or The Indians of Lenapehoking.)

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