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Programs on the
Lenape/Delaware Indians

Well received by schools, nature centers, libraries, historical organizations and civic groups, our programs teach about traditional Lenape culture, focusing on daily life which followed the rhythms of nature's cycles.

All school programs are curriculum-based and contain a slide presentation, stories and many touchable objects and artifacts, including authentic clothing, tools, musical instruments, artwork, masks and games.

We can come dressed in authentically recreated garments, and can adjust the content to meet the needs of any audience.

Program length is 60-90 minutes

Lenape Lifeways Family and Village Life
  (Grades 1 to 8)

Fun and age-appropriate!  Details traditional Lenape life in the Eastern Woodlands homeland by focusing on everyday village activities and the roles of men, women and children within the family and community.  Drawings and photographs show how the Lenape dressed, built shelters, grew crops, fished, hunted, cooked, made tools and weapons, treated disease, grew up and more.


Dependent on age and curriculum requirements, the program may touch on topics such as the migration of humans from Siberia, the development of Native American culture areas and later interaction with Europeans and the resultant cultural conflicts which led to Lenape displacement.

The Lenape-Delaware Indian Heritage
  (General Audiences)

This engaging and substantive slide-illustrated program is an attempt to reconstruct the life of the Lenape-Delaware people who once populated New Jersey and the surrounding area.  This program will examine Lenape daily life, their legends, art, religious beliefs, customs, traditions, and system of government.

This program will help audiences to develop a historical comprehension of these people and separate misinformation from historical fact.  The presentation covers the region's 12,000 years of Native American prehistory, later European contact and native displacement.


John has been working with the Lenape people, creating museum exhibits, consulting with editors for social studies textbooks, and lecturing for nearly 30 years.  Additionally, he has appeared in many television productions related to New Jersey culture and prehistory.

John T. Kraft, Director of Lenape Lifeways, Inc, is an archaeologist;/educator who has presented thousands of programs on the Lenape or Delaware Indians of New Jersey.  He has helped discover and excavate Lenape villages and artifacts, and has added much new information about their family life, dwellings, diet, spiritual beliefs and technology.

He has published The Indians of Lenapehoking, an educational unit on the Indians of New Jersey and the surrounding region, and has illustrated The Lenape or Delaware Indians and other books.

Program Fees

Programs 2014 - 2015 Prices

     Up to 65 Participants

     2 Consecutive Programs $550*
Larger Groups  
     65 to 100 Participants $400*
     2 Consecutive Larger Programs $750*

* Plus Mileage

Half-day or full-day presentations are available - separate fees apply.

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