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 Searching Your Lenape Heritage

We receive requests from many people seeking to verify a family tradition (belief, fact or fiction) that they descended from a Lenape/Delaware ancestor.  Other individuals are just seeking to enroll as a member of the "Lenape Tribe".

If you are looking for possible Indian ancestors in your family background, here are some steps that might be helpful:

  1. Start by identifying and recording your ancestors

  2. Begin to build a family tree (a local genealogy society can help with this)

  3. Search through local and county historical and census records

  4. Contact the official site of the Delaware Tribe ( about their enrollment requirements and procedure.

The internet is a good place to start looking as there are numerous sites that specifically deal with the subject of "Indian Ancestry" and "Genealogies."

Please note:  Lenape Lifeways, while doing research on the prehistory of the Lenape people, does not determine individual ancestry or provide lists of family names or genealogies.

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